Downtown Districts

A bold new vision of an urban centre

To realize the full potential for building a dynamic new downtown, the City of Vaughan envisioned distinct land-use areas in the VMC for transit, residential, business, and entertainment neighbourhoods. To illustrate and differentiate these areas, 12 proposed districts were created. They are made up of overlapping area plans that create transitions from one to the other. Although districts are illustrated within defined geographies, these borders should not be viewed as boundaries, but different areas of use.

The intentions and plans for each of these districts are based on the land-use allowances and directions of the VMC Secondary Plan. The evolution of these districts is expected to adapt as the VMC continues to be occupied.

photo: rendering of central park ©smartcentres

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The Core

The Core is the epicentre of the VMC and will be the experience that defines the urban character and personality of Vaughan’s emerging downtown.

Central Park

Central Park is designed to accommodate and encourage a countless range use spread over the park span of multiple city blocks. The VMC’s Central Park will attract millions of annual visitors for all seasons.

Central Park North

Central Park North will offer residents the best of both worlds — from everyday living amenities within the district, to the benefits of being within walking distance from urban amenities and modern transit services.

Entertainment District

The Entertainment District is envisioned to be a year-round destination for exciting and fun activities including major entertainment anchors such as cultural facilities, museums, and regional sports-entertainment venues.

Creditstone Corporate

Creditstone Corporate is an area of premium employment land in Vaughan and an eastern gateway to the VMC with high-quality design, streetscapes and urban offices.

Avenue Seven South

The Avenue Seven South district is envisioned as a mixed-use area integrated with office space, residential, retail services including hospitality and entertainment uses.

Business Enterprise Park

Business Enterprise Park is a desirable high-profile visibility for brand exposure from the regional express Highway 400 and 407 ETR. It is to become the centre of the VMC’s business community.

Corporate Innovation Corridor

The Corporate Innovation Campus is a corridor for clusters of world-class offices and talented professionals attracted to flexible and larger modern spaces.

South Community

The South Community district is a mixed-use community with a stronger residential focus. This district is anchored on a neighbourhood park and school campus at its core.

The Mobility Hub

The Mobility Hub is further subdivided into the Bus Terminal, Subway Station, and South Millway sub-districts based on the unique uses associated with each.

The Mobility Hub is a bold vision of world-class transit experience and primary point-of- arrivals, that welcomes people to and from the VMC at all times of the day. People can arrive or depart for work, and stay well into the evening hours while visiting the VMC and exploring the downtown and beyond. With its creative wayfinding and public art programming to come online along with retail uses, and interactive public space animation, the Mobility Hub will offer a truly unique sense of arrival.

Edgeley Pond

Edgeley Pond and Park is the largest open space, City-owned land in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) and it is located at the northeast corner of Highway 7 and Jane Street. Adjacent to VMC’s first residential neighbourhood, Edgeley Pond and Park will become the heart of the community and a signature amenity for the new downtown. Through its ecological landscape design and natural feature, water views, trail system and subtle programming strategy, Edgeley Pond and Park including its adjacent parks will function as an exciting destination for area residents and visitors to the VMC.

South Black Creek

The renewed Black Creek, a linear open space network running the length of Jane Street, will form the southern end of the VMC’s green corridor within the VMC. The Black Creek Renewal once completed, it will complement the greenspace jewel to Edgeley Pond and Park, establishing a series of promenades, plazas and parks to allow access to the environmental open space and the water’s edge, where visitors can interact with its natural setting. This naturalized experience will be pulled into the district’s interior through various urban squares and pocket parks bounded by new urban development.